There are many types of Weapons and Armors in Criminal Nations. For New Players this is confusing and to know what weapons are more stronger because of the weapons not having stats. The most important thing is that the expensive the weapon the stronger it is same goes with the armor. This is the list of weapons and armors in CN The price and where they can be found in the game.



+~Mercs Dustbin: Unknown
+~Pellet Gun: 5k: Found in Noob Villah/Steps
+~22 Caliber:20k: Found in Noob Villah/Steps
+~Brass Knuckles: 15k: Found in Noob Villah/Steps
+~Saturday Night Special: 15k: Found in Noob Villah
+~Spade: 5k: Found in Spain
+~Wrench: 40k: Found in Spain
+~Ak47: 40k: Found in Spain
+~Tikka T3 Tactical: 60k: Found in Spain
+~Samuri Sword: 90k: Found in Tyland
+~Mp5: 100k: Found in Tyland
+~Uzi: 110k: Found in Tyland
+~51 MM Light Mortar: 120k: Found in Tyland
+~Gold Battle Sword: 100k: Found in Tyland
+~Sawed Off Shot Gun:125: Found in China
+~Nuke: 150k: Found in China
+~BoomStick: 149k: Found in China
+~WWII Bazooka: 200k: Found in China
+~Atomic Bomb: 220k: Found in China
+~Road Bomb: 250k: Found in Iraq
+~Combat Knife: 500k: Found in Iraq
+~Murasame: 1.75m: Found in Peppers Cove
+~Pepper Spray: 1.75m: Found in Peppers Cove
+~Colt M4A1 carbine: 4.5m: Found in Russia
+~M16 Viper-XRP: 8m: Found in South Africa
+~Barrett 82A1 50BMG: Old Donator Weapon
+~M249SAW: Donator Weapon: Cost $12.00 Real Cash
+~Bunnies Rock in a Sock: The Noob Owner Uses It



+~Bucket:2.5k: Found in Noob Villah/Steps
+~Leather Jacket: 5k: Found in Noob VIllah/Steps
+~Chain Mail: 20k: Found in Spain/Steps
+~Ballistic Shin Guards: 30k: Found in Spain/Steps
+~Motorcycle Helmet: 50k: Found in Tyland/Steps
+~BPV: 60k: Found in Tyland
+~Lifetek Ballistics Vest: 80k: Found in China
+~Invisability cloak: 100k: Found in China
+~Holtzman Shield: 300k: Found in Iraq
+~Imperator: 400k: Found in Iraq
+~Nato Assault: 500k: Found in Iraq
+~KGB Trench Coat: 2m: Found in Russia
+~Heavy Combat Armor: Old Donator Weapon
+~Hitmans Trench: Donator Weapon: $12.00 Real Cash+~Bunny Suit: The Noob Owner Uses It

Those are the current Weapons and Armor in Game This Guide will get updated when we get some more weapons and armor added!