Pros and Cons on Joining a Gang

This Guide tells you why to join a gang or not, it tells you what you need to know about joining a gang, and its benefits and consequences. Gangs often help people with cash, protection, and items. But also a higher gang can wipe out a lower gang in war making the player's life miserable. They're are many pros and cons for joining a gang, now let's start with the cons.

Pros of Joining a Gang

¥~Pros of Joining a Gang:

+~You get Financial Support, and Many Luxurious Items
+~You get to Socialize and Belong to a Group
+~You get Full Protection in a Gang
+~You Get alot of Cash and Crystals Every Week
+~Get Stronger In a Gang
+~Get Known in a famous Gang

Cons of Joining a Gang

¥~Cons of Joining a Gang:

+~Get Killed and Burned in Gang War for 36 Hours!
+~Get Killed by Someone who hates a certain member in your Gang
+~Get warred on repeatly non-stop!
+~Get abusive language on the other side.

Warnings of Joining a Gang

¥~Warnings of Joining a Gang:

+~You will get Killed! Do not Come in Chat Room and Whine about getting Killed.
+~Have fun don't Whine about getting killed.
+~Gangs War alot, be prepare for it!

How to Prevent getting Killed in Gang Wars

¥~Prevent getting killed in a Gang:

+~Fight back is One reason the Enemies will back down.
+~The best solution is to hire bodyguards, security contracts, you can use One Hour a day, this is enough to do your daily activities in game, and enjoy the game without being Robbed, Hacked, Killed, and Burned. You are fully Protected for One Hour. You can choose contract Times for, 5mins to One Hour. Please Choose this Option if you want to enjoy the game.