There are many various ways of editing your profile. One of the Links are on the Left Side with all the Main Links. Its called Preferences its under your Friends and Black List links. There are many other Links in the Preferences some of them are Sex Change, Password Change, Display Pic Change, Forum Info Change, Profile Signature Change, and finally Profile BackGround Change.

Preferences Description

~Sex Change~

Sex Change is in the game which is if you are a male you can change into a female without any cost. Same if you are a female you can change into a male.

~Password Change~

If you think someone might have your password and knows it please use this link to change your password. Or if you are just seeking safety and change it once a month.

~Display Pic Change~

From here you could change your avatar picture on your profile using any link but Imageshack or Photoshop is recommended.

~Forum Info Change~

From here you can change your forum avatar and you signature you want to display in your forums. This is also a pretty useful took but make sure when adding a picture in your siggy add the [IMG][/IMG] code before posting it.

~Profile Signature Change~

Profile Singature is like the Display Pic Change but it covers the majority of your profile. You could simply write anything you want and add pictures. Please read the BB Code Guide on CN Explore page before coding things like that.

~Profile Background Change~

This is something new made a few motnhs back. The player has a gallery of choices to change their background from. There are various choices you can also get it added by contacting the Noob Owner BadBunnyBride.