CN memgym

Here are some tips how to train in an effective style.

+~First These are the Items you Will Need:

~A Vip Day for Gym (You can buy from players for around 4m+, or donate and buy a pack for 30-90days)

~Crystals (I would personally recommend 3-5k)

~Cash (for training in Whore House and Security Contract)

+~What you can use alternative:

~You can use Will Pots or Will Shots for Cash, but Cash is the best way to train, as you get full train every round

+~What not to use:

~Crystal Gym (A Complete Waste never touch this method at all!)

~Refills (Yes they give 100% Will, but you have to do Brave Crimes with it not worth the time)

+~Additional Warnings:

~Get a security contract as you might get hacked for crystals and robbed for cash

~Never use the Crystal Gym

~Never buy a VIP day for 6m+ that is ridiculous