Gambling on Criminal Nations is called 50/50 Money or 50/50 Crystals, depending on what you want to gamble. Its a way players get more resources to train or get more money to spend in the game. But they are consequences such as losing your money and this is the perfect guide to tell you how to Gamble.

I am very experience with the 50/50 for Money and Crystals and I have been doing it in CN more then anyone and for a long term, but I lose alot but i have always gotten my money back. I just want to give you some tips on what to do and what not to do.

How to Gamble

1. Save up money before gambling because you will keep on losing your Money/Crystals

2. When you win over THREE or FOUR times in a row it is best to do a couple small bets so you won't lose all your money/cyrstals on the next couple bets

3. When you have double or tripled your Money/Crystals, then you have to start with the best to stop gambling and wait for the next day to gamble

4. Always split your Money/Crystals into TWO or THREE bets on 50/50

What Not To Do When Gambling

1. Never Gamble all your Money/Crystals on one bet and hope for the best i have done this countless times and always lost. Sometimes you may get lucky and win, but most of the times you may lose and start from scratch all over again. It is recommended to separate bets or wait for a few secs before attempting to do another bet.

2. Do not gamble the Money/Crystals that is not yours and lose it and don't have a way to pay back the person you owe. This is most recommended as you will owe people many loans in the game, and you have to pay it up or you will get killed various times in the game.

~Made By DeathDemon~