Some Nice Tips!

+~First you need to gather your daily things provided by the game~

These Would Include:

+~First Voting is Nice For some free crystals and cash to do some training

+~Steps can give experience but is completely random!

+~Daily Npc Bunnies that you can hit one time only are good

+~Drug Farm allows you to plant seven drugs which gives seven experience

+~Doing your full brave bar, then going to daily donater award (If you're a donater) and getting lucky with a free brave refill may get you another brave bar.

+~Illegal Biz (Hookers and Drugs) Gives around five experience which is pretty nice

+~Npcs that you can hit all the time (need decent stats) are also nice to level with, but you must get them fast as other players are trying to get them as well.

+~Rangers Den gives you additional experience (Only can hunt 80 times a day)

+~Beating other players with higher levels and low stats are another good way, Online hitting may get you trouble as they will fight back, and offline depends on the player.