Many New players wonder how to get employees, and if they make you cash or not. What are the purpose of employees, is there anyway we can get them or not. Well this guide will explain you the procedure of getting Employees and make you knowledge wider of what they are, what what special features they give you.the first steps of getting them is Marriage.


To get married you can go to the Personal's area and make a proposals. You can make it to anyone, but they are some people who get offended and here are the guidelines of who not to ask.

+~ High Levels
+~ Married People
+~ Female that are High Levels
+~ People in the Most Hated Group are probably the worst to ask cause you will get killed.

After you get married, on the home page you can go click manage to see their bank/cash. You can also send them cash/vault, and also send a love note. After you get married you can create a family which goes in the next step.

Family Manager

Family Manager is another link if you get married. It replaces the proposal link, here you can create a family and feed you kids for 500 dollars each. When creating a baby YOU will have to FEED you baby FAST or they will DIE. You will also go to jail for 500mins until someone busts you out of jail. When your babies reach the age of 18 then they will be made to employees. Which goes to the final step.


Employees are made when your kids reach the age of 18. The person with the biggest house usually gets the kids but sometimes it's random and can go to the other partner. Employees give benefits of bonus stats. Each employees gives 1.5 stats that means if you get TWO you will get 3 bonus stats. You can also Fire the Employees but not recommended. Enjoy the Guide!