Another feature of the game is Gangs. Gangs are Brotherhood of Members that work and help each other accomplish goals. They also war together and train together and help each other no matter what. To Make A Gang You need many things such as:

+~ 50k Cash
+~ FIVE Members
+~ 5m Per each Member
+~ To Control a Territory
+~ Stats are Good in the Gang Also

¥~Gangs are good money makers because they get cash from controlling territories, and gang crimes, and also war makes good cash.

¥~There are also two paths to follow in the gang system:

¥~A Short Gang has more advantages then a Larger Gang some of which are:

+~ Not as many Targets
+~ Shorter Gangs can take on Larger Gangs and cause Massive Damage
+~ If they are all active the gang will surely Win

¥~Disadvantages are:

+~Not enough cash collected by controlling a territory

A Large Gang has least advantages and more disadvantages which are:


+~More cash collected in Gang Territory Controlled


+~More targets in War
+~Not enough balance in the Gang
+~Payouts will be Bad and leave the gang in Debt
+~Too many People causes chaos in War Time

¥~In Gang Crimes there are TWO Crimes one of which is a One hour Crime and a Two Hour Crime. They differences between them is that the two hour gives more money then the One hour but they give the same number of respect points.

¥~During Gang War if a Gang on the Opposing Side loses they lose 20% of their respect and money. But if the gang surrenders, they lose 25% of their money and respect. Gang War Last only 36 Hours and and Rest Period is 36 Hours. So you might be in continous war for 36 Hours.

¥~Not many Gangs will recruit only some but you will have to be high stats and levels sometimes or just really active and show the gang your power.